Doymer Consultores

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At a glance...

We are a bunch of highly qualified Freelance experts focused in the Information Technologies areas.

We offer the technological support you need both for the developement of new projects as well as the maintenance of your running systems. Our expertise grabs the whole cycle from creation to maintenance of an IT infrastructure, able to manage from the installation of a building wiring to the startup of your servers and their later maintenance.

Do you have a complex problem to solve? ¿Does your system not work as expectd and no one knows why? Call usCall us at number 678 660989 (Spain only) or email us to infoªdoymer·com. Because our Freelance condition we have had to specialize in 'difficult cases'.

And, above all, we offer humble and direct teaming, clear and professional, to solve only that we are honestly able to solve.

Our ambition is not permanence but your satisfaction and trust.

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But this is only words...

And words are blown with the wind. Or that is, at least, what popular knowledge states. Besides in this few lines we cannot show you the highly added value that our services can give to your bussiness. Have a look at our references and see what we are doing in bussinesses like yours.

Make a call and check by yourself that we know what we speak about and you will not regret working with us.

Else are only that...words.



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