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Inicio Blog Linux Update blocked in SuSE 11.0

Update blocked in SuSE 11.0

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One day after turning on a computer running Open SuSE 11 after having been disconnected for a long time I got a warning in the task bar informing me that there were a lot of fixes available for install. Something standard that surely will happen after being a long time without updating.

The problem came when I told it that it could go on and update. The reply of the update process was surprising at the very least:

"failed to update system. Authorisation could not be obtained"

¿Authorisation?, ¿Which authorisation? You are an Open SuSE 11. Repositories are public, ¿What are you telling me?.

If the problem could not being related to the repositories then we could consider a communication issue; the firewall must be active and blocking somthing, but the firewall were down; not the firewall.

So it might be a rights problem of the logged in user, but the logged in user were root.

But this would only be a minor inconvenient if the update process were not blocking all the software update and install subsystem so that any attempt to update or otherwise install any software package well manually or automatically or to reconfigure the repositories fires this message:

"a zypp transaction is already in progress"

Several replies in the internet suggest to close the session and open a new one but there exist a much better more secure procedure. We simply need to kill the update process and update by hand, reconfigure online updates or whatever we want. To get this first we need to find out the process ID that is related to the blocking program and we can get it with this command:

lsof | egrep libzypp

We then can use the process IDs that appear in screen to kill them by means of the command

kill -HUP <ID proceso>

Now we can proceed with system updates withoun further issues.

Last Updated on Friday, 22 January 2010 13:40  

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