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Inicio Blog Internetsting What Tolkien did not tell you

What Tolkien did not tell you

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It has been a long time ago that Peter Jackson shot his masterpiece trilogy of "The Lord of the Rings" that J.R.R. Tolkien gave as a present to all of us at his time. And now, a girl from Cambridge, Kate Madison, present what J.R.R. did forget, or did not want, to include: the feasible origin of one of the most important character in the series.

It is not that this shooting follows the argumental line of the JRR work nor that it contributes with any interesting elements –is is few more than a romantic history– but I have to recognize that not been an expert film director and having very limited funds the structure, presentation, camara shots and flights, photography, lighting, detail care, etc. deserve an A+.

The film is in english though you can select subtitles in several languages (at the lower right corner) and it lasts over an hour so you better get the pop-corn before.

And, even at the risk that J.R.R. gets angry, I think it is a must to see it if you are a fan of the history. Anyway it is very good way to promote herself. Let you enjoy it!...


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