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Doymer Consultores is composed by highly qualified freelancers, some with a long time experience on their backs.

An unbeatable advantage of this fact is that it is quite more probable that you, as a customer, get a fresh reply that fit quite well to your needs instead of a more or less canned one that may or may not fit so well. Given the fact that it is usually the same expert the one that has to comply with the acquired compromises, the assessments made during the design phase are based more in the actual technical skills of who is in charge of the project than in the expectations of a third person that only has to reach a quote. In the traditional entrerprise not always —sometimes never— it is the expert who is going to solve the problem the one that signs the contract so the desire to satisfy the customer and, perhaps more significant, the need to comply with their business share may surpass the real technological capacity of the expert that has to do the real job so the result will not fit as well.

The position of  freelance is complex, probably with more disadvantages than advantages. Nevertheless, the illusion of doing things like one feels they must be done, without having to report to no one but ourselves, makes it a big difference. And you, as a customer, are going to benefit too. Being linked to an enterprise has the huge advantage of not having to bother about lurking about for job and receiving your bill at the week end. But this 'advantage' means, in not few cases, that making profitable a project is achieved by taking apart form the ideal path; being enough is enough. Though here we have a refrain that reads 'best is enemy of good' in many cases you do not even get near to this 'good' status and projects make their path only to 'enough'. And this is something that being a freelance is not usual to do. The challenge of doing things well, the personal prestige and the special relationship that we hold with customers, where the relationship become few less than personal, are the differential factors that guarantee that contracting a freelance is not going to make you remain indifferent.


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