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Inicio Blog Linux Updating OTRS to 3.0.6

Updating OTRS to 3.0.6

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Versión 3.0.6extlink of OTRS ticket management system is out. An interesting product.

Former version 3.0.5 included a very annoying bug that avoided you to create queues from inside the application if your data base was PostgreSQL or mySQL. And because of this I feel it is important to update to the new version as soon as possible because, otherwise, you will have to go creating your queues directly in the database with an external tool and then go edit them inside OTRS.

But updating may have undesired side effects. The first annoyance you hit is that you cannot simply update by installing it over your current 3.0.5. It complains that files already exist. So you have to uninstall your current version to apply the new one.

In the web page of the new version you are advised to run bin/ or you can have connection problems. But if your database is located outside the OTRS server this process most surely will fail.

The problem is that when you uninstalled the running version you lost your master configuration file located in the Kernel folder (/opt/otrs/Kernel if you did a default install in a SuSE for example). And the new installation carries a new file with the default values that does not reflect your database conection status. So first advice before uninstalling: make a backup copy of the folder where  yoiu have your actual OTRS version before uninstalling. Or, at least, take down the connection data of the config file so that you can restore them later.

Once you have fixed the connection configuration you can follow the recomendations about rebuilding the config files by means of opt/otrs/bin/ The process can now connnect to the database and it should do its job, no complaints.

But now you hit another problem that is due, again, to the fact of having to uninstall fisrt and now your OTRS service fails to start because it wants to run a local copy of mysql (that may not even be installed). To avoid this and walk past this new problem we only have to edit the file /etc/sysconfig/otrs and make 0 the value of the variable OTRS_DB_RUNNING that is again at a value of 1.

Now you should de able to start your OTRS service without any further complaints and all your tickets should be back again, no one lost. And now you will be able to create queues without the Bug 6837extlink: Queue cannot be created, just changed, on PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server databases appearing in the top of your screen.

Last Updated on Monday, 07 March 2011 21:24  

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