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Inicio Blog Assorted The bothersome support mechanism of Sonicwall

The bothersome support mechanism of Sonicwall

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A 'feature' that I have never liked about the way that Sonicwall help-desk manage your incidents is the fact that mail notifications and updates about the case does not include the text of the engenier's reply but a link to the help-desk page. So, instead of being able to directly read the reply of the engenier you have to go to the corresponding case page and authenticate yourself just to be able to know what they are telling you. Something really bothersome and not very efficient.

Not enough, from some time ago now the link that suposedly should take you to the incident page does not work.

So that you have an open case and you receive a message like this:

Dear Blah,

Your SonicWALL Service Request, # 01234567, was updated on 3/20/2012. The current status of this service request is Email Received.

Please click here to view the case update.

You can comment on your case while viewing the update online or by replying to this email. Your email reply will be attached to your case. The Engineer who's assisting you will be notified of your reply.

You can also find technical solutions and how-to information on our web site at

When replying on this Service Request, please do not remove the "Ref ID" present in the subject line of this email.

Thank you,

SonicWALL Technical Assistance Center

To view it you click... yes  where it says 'Please click here ...' and your browser replies with this error message (this message is un-translated from spanish Firefox so it may not be exactly as displayed in your screen. Other browsers issue different messages but the same kind):

Secure connection failed

An error has happened during the connection to

SSL has received a record that exceeded the max admitted length.

(Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

  The page you are trying to access cannot be shown because we are not been able to verify the authenticity of the received data.

  Please, contact the admins of the web site to inform about this problem.

So that now it looks like we cannot even access the case page directly. Now if you wan to to access the case page you have to use your old global URL, if it happens that you remember it or have it in your historic window or under a fav link, and get through the main page of the help-desk site and then go to the given case.

If it was awkward formerly, now a bit more.

The problem is that the hyper-link under rthe link text refers to the following URL:

that is not correct because that URL is NOT an SSL certified page.

So that the solution is quite easy: after clicking the link and getting the error screen, edit the URL so that instead 'https' it reads 'http' (delete the final 's') and now the browser will show you the access page for you to authenticate as before (when this worked I mean).

As I have shown, nothing too complex but something that force you to increase the amount of work needed, in the already unnecessary complex Sonicwall incident management system, to access the reply content and something that puts in bad place the admins of the Sonicwall system for not having assessed that what they are sending to their users really work.


UPDATE: It looks like on june, 2012 they have fixed the problem and it works again.

Last Updated on Friday, 08 June 2012 17:07  

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